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Who are Jamieson & Carry?


Since being established in 1733, Jamieson & Carry has remained an independent, family-owned and run jewellery business. Positioned on Aberdeen, Scotland’s busy Union Street since 1925, Jamieson & Carry offers two floors of carefully selected fine jewellery, Swiss Watches and luxury gifts. The collection includes everyday and luxury items from around the world, as well as jewellery individually-designed and handmade in house.


For over 280 years, Jamieson & Carry has worked hard to deliver a wide selection of jewellery, watches and gifts for customers. The commitment to these customers, as well as staff and suppliers, is to provide a welcoming atmosphere where people receive an honest, friendly service. It is this commitment that drives Jamieson & Carry and the relationships it builds with its customers.


Jamieson & Carry is proud to offer The PORFOLIO of Fine Diamonds as an integral part of its selection of fine jewellery, working with them to provide the best choice of one-off diamond engagement rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets.


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