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We at Jamieson & Carry are delighted to offer you the opportunity to choose one diamond ring or diamond engagement ring and reserve it online or by telephone for 5 working days, excluding Sundays. All this at no extra cost to you. There is no obligation to buy, if in the end it’s not your favourite item!

Why? All of our rings are individual and unique diamond rings. That means  there is only one item in stock that is exactly the ring you love. By reserving a diamond ring prior to your visit, you can make sure the diamond engagement ring is waiting for you upon your visit! This means no more wasted journeys. You can also choose a time that suits you!


This is how it works:

1) When you see an item you like, press the reserve button underneath the ring description.

2) Please fill out the form with your name, contact number, email and the day you wish to view the item.

*Please ensure to fill all spaces, as we cannot process your reservation request without them.

3)  We will then remove the item from our stock. Once your ring has been reserved, it will be marked with a red: “This item is temporarily reserved” logo. The item cannot be reserved by any other client during your period of reservation.

4) One of our diamond ring sales professionals will then be in touch with you to confirm your reservation.

5)  We would be delighted if you wish to purchase the ring you reserve to view. However, if you still wish to view any of our other items, we would be delighted to show you our vast selection, and our fully qualified staff can answer any queries you may have.

Please be advised that due to high demand on this range, we can only reserve one diamond ring or diamond engagement ring at any time for you.

Happy browsing, we look forward to seeing you soon.